Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fast Forward

Okay, fast forward from 'We respectfully request...' to today.  A couple of thoughts in passing...  Well, that didn't take long.

First, the election buzz was entertaining with the show from the media formerly known as mainstream, more recently as lamestream, now known as useless.  There seems to be two sides to what one views as media, the left and the right.  Or, libtards and wingnuts, respectively.  Either is in a precarious position with distinct ability to fall off its near edge into oblivion.  The sooner the better.  Somewhere is a more sensible middle.  A media that is finding itself and developing into a more reliable news and commentary source.  And of course, Yes Virginia, it is the internet.  Soon to be regulated - read as controlled - by a jealous government somewhere near you.

Second, how quickly the election results have become lost in the shuffle and covered by the cover up of Benghazi.  It was that election that has resulted in my releasing forever any connection whatever to the concept of any relation to the Republican party.  No, no possibility of joining up with the Democrats - whatever that might be.  I'll just settle somewhere in the middle and commit to being a small 'L' libertarian, which was my intent so many years ago.  I thought I could help but apparently I'm not very good at government involvement.  So, here I am.

And as that small libertarian, I have become interested and involved in the now popular petition on behalf of the citizens of Texas to pursue a withdrawal from the now somewhat dysfunctional union of States known as United.  It's a long road to hoe and more likely to reach a pointless conclusion.  But merrily we shall pursue.

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