Saturday, April 20, 2013

Argument against background checks

The argument is against 'background' and that anyone would have the need to see what it is. Considering some of the actions of law enforcement, based on a persons 'background', leads one to a determination that the more restricted the access to 'background' the more secure the individual.

Or, in ten words or less, 'Mind your own G'dmnd biznesss'.

We're dealing with 'government people' who want to know things about you. Life doesn't get much more dangerous than the government acting like it cares about you. The more they have access to your 'background', the more they realize they need more information. And as Nancy Pelosi says, 'passage of tougher gun controls is "inevitable"'. In other words, 'WE are the government and we're coming for your life.' A prime example of why the Founders wanted to sever ties with the royal authority.

You have been warned.

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