Friday, November 9, 2012

Move along now... no story here

Patraeus resigns, bring in the clowns.  Don't wait for the movie...

Well, there's all sorts of bad ideas floating around about what's going on with the Benghazi cover up.  Any of them will do as a cover up.  It's what's being covered up that won't do and seems like nobody is telling what it is.  Somewhere between start and finish it just went poof.  And as one might have suspected...

End of story.

Sunday,  Nov18

Just some add on. There is one enticing conspiracy theory that may be developing, or just hasn't been shot dead yet.  It was postulated on a Facebook page... Just in: Benghazi--Muslim Brotherhood Connection Spells Impeachment... on about November 15.  I commented to that post that I had replied the same theory to a PJMedia topic, back around late October.  Should this conspiracy prove correct then I'll follow up.  Until then, we're just all nuts.

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