Friday, November 9, 2012

Tweets of the Day...

Great day.  So, I've been monitoring tweets today, following the hints and hind licks about what was done or what to do.  What RepCons don't really get, the libwing has a four year head start.  Nov06 was just a return on investment.

A tweet asks, 'Is O' already a lame duck... no, but limping'.  My reply is, he may be limping but he'll drag himself over broken glass for four years to get what he wants.'  I'm not sure anybody understands.

Another about the Senate in 2014.  my warning, 'Repwing will NOT take the Senate in 2014.'

A 'post about how the GOP free-market message can be terrifying to those down on their luck'.  Yeah, those down on their luck are certainly not concerned about the GOP message or their free-markets.  Unless of course that market is on a local bus route.

I really liked this one... 'When it comes to targeting voters, we got outsmarted'.  BeJeebers... if you don't speak the lingo you don't have to worry about being smart.  'I made the grade in college... friends, not so much.'

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