Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What just happened?

Seems like everyone was getting a bit buzzed with election results due sometime in the overnight.  I barely slept Monday night, got up early and had to regulate my activity just to keep calm.  At last, the yoke of Progressivism was going to be released.  I was going to stay awake all night to celebrate.  As polls started closing I felt tears of joy.

Then it stalled.  Then it didn't look good.  Then the news guys just looked like they didn't want to be friends anymore.  Then my TV switched to the auto-tuned Flashpoint on ion.TV.  I knew then, it was over.

So, this just sucks.  More government input to reality, less business opportunity for the willing.  Well, screw 'em all.

I've been using this libertexian alias in emails for a number of years.  Seems like it's time to use it for the promotion of a better idea... Libertarian politics.  Or, lack of politics.

Libertarian... a place to start a discussion.  LiberTexian... the voice I'll try to use.

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